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Application for a licence to use WHO classifications in a product for commercial and non-commercial distribution

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Name of Company/Organization *
BIREME/PAHO/WHO - Latin American and Caribbean Center for Health Sciences Information
Type of Company/Organization *
If other, please specify
International organization, part of the Knowledge Management and Communication (KMC) area of the Pan American Health Organization
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Rua Botucatu, 862 - cep:04023-901 - São Paulo/SP
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Please provide a summary of your company's activities ? *
BIREME/PAHO/WHO is a specialized center of PAHO which contributes to the development of health in region by means of the democratization of access, publication and use of health information, knowledge and scientific evidence. BIREME coordinates a network of cooperating centers which maintain key databases such as the LILACS bibliographic index and the DeCS controlled vocabulary (the Spanish and Portuguese translation and adaptation of MESH), among others, as well as the development of national and thematic Virtual Health Libraries. The technical cooperation of BIREME aims to support and strengthen scientific and technical information national systems in health to contribute with the knowledge application and use of scientific evidences in public health systems.
Are you a UMLS Licensee? *
Yes (Adalberto Tardelli ???)


First name *
Last name *
Title *
Position *
Software development supervisor
Telephone *
E-mail *


Please indicate which of the following classifications codes you wish to license *
If other, please provide additional information
Please indicate the language version(s) that you wish to license *
If other, please provide additional information
Countries where the product/s will be distributed
All countries


Name(s) of the product/s to be included in the licence *
OpenTrials (see
In each case, please describe the concept of the product, its features and how it is intended to be used *
OpenTrials is a multi-lingual Web application that enables any country or region to operate a clinical trials registry compliant with current best practices and interoperable with the WHO ICTRP (International Clinical Trials Registry Platform). OpenTrials was developed from the start as a Free/Open Source product, sponsored by PAHO and the Ministry of Health of Brazil. It is already deployed in Brazil as the platform for the Brazilian Clinical Trials Registry (REBEC), but is freely available for any other country to deploy and operate.
If possible, please include screen shots to support your application
Describe the target market for your product/s ie clinical, research, education, healthcare administration, government, industry etc *
governement, research, industry


How do you plan to use the codes and descriptions in the product/s? *
ICD-10 codes and descriptions will be used to describe health problems studied in a clinical trial.
What added value does your product offer to users of the classifications? *
The use of ICD-10 will enable better analysis and statistics regarding the registered clinical trials, as well as automatic translation of the descriptions via cross-mapping of ICD-10 terms in English, Spanish and Portuguese.
How are you planning to integrate updates to the codes in your product? *
The ICD-10 codes and descriptions will be available through web services hosted at BIREME in order to interoperate with OpenTrials. This is the best strategy to maintain up to date codes in our product, considering the aim of having many instances of OpenTrials around the world.
Does your software have the capability to export a list of the codes and descriptions? *

Does your software provide data validation ie the ability to provide specific diagnosis information on the basis of sex and age? *



How will the product be distributed? *
What is the target distribution date? If currently distributed, please give initial date of distribution *

The product is already available for download. It does not, however, include any ICD-10 content.

Will your product be sold or licensed commercially? *
Are you planning to distribute your product through indirect sales channels? If yes, please provide additional information on the channels to be used *
Expected annual sales volume / numbers of users licensed (approximate) *
If your product is to be distributed via the internet, please indicate whether this is via online download, online access to hosted services or another method
The product will be available for download and it will also be deployed as a hosted services as it already is in Brazil.
How will you control access to the product and what levels of security does your web site offer? *
The product is freely available as an Open Source product, but the ICD-10 data will not be embedded in it, but accessed via a Web service hosted at BIREME. Only a very small sample of the ICD-10 data will be included with the source code for testing purposes.
Does your web site or product include any form of advertising? *
If the development or distribution of your product is sponsored or funded by an organisation other than your own, please provide additional information below
The Pan American Health Organization and the Ministry of Health of Brazil co-funded the development.
Additional information concerning your request
This request is related to our aim of developing web services, hosted at BIREME, to enable retrieval facilities of ICD-10 codes and descriptions in order to be used by any OpenTrials instance. Considering ICD-10 data will not be embedded in it, we would like to be sure that we can use this license with this purpose. For further technical information on this, please, let us know.
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