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ICD - Multilingual Web Site

This page is about the new International Classification of Diseases Multilingual Web Site under development at BIREME.

For the ISIS-based ICD web service, see Serviços CID-10

Technical specs

Record Structure

Chapter record:

{ "_id": "A00-B99",
  "code": "A00-B99",
  "chap": "I",
  "level": "chap",
  "seq": 1,
  "text": {
     "pt-br": {
        "title": "Algumas doen\u00e7as infecciosas e parasit\u00e1rias",
        "notes": ["Usar c\u00f3digo adicional (U80-U89), se…"],
        "inclusions": ["Doen\u00e7as em geral reconhecidas como…"],
        "exclusions": ["Algumas infec\u00e7\u00f5es localizadas - ver…",
                       "Doen\u00e7as infecciosas e parasit\u00e1rias… ",
                       "Doen\u00e7as infecciosas e parasit\u00e1rias…",
                       "Gripe [influenza] e outras infec\u00e7\u00f5es…",
                       "Portador ou suspeito de ser portador de…"]

Simple Subcategory type record:

  "code": "A07.3",
  "chap": "I",
  "level": "subcat",
  "seq": 108,
  "text": {
     "pt-br": {
        "title: "Isosporíase",
        "inclusions": ["Coccidiose intestinal", 
                       "Infecção por Isospora belli e Isospora hominis", 

Subcategory type record with inclusion notes and exclusion:

 { code: "A15.4",
   lang: "pt-br",
   title: "Tuberculose dos gânglios intratorácicos, com confirmação bacteriológica e histológica",
   level: "subcat",
   inclusions: ["Tuberculose ganglionar:", "- hilar", "- mediastinal", "- traqueobrônquica"],
   inc_notes: [{start:1, end:4, 
                col1: ["com confirmação bacteriológica", " e histológica"]}],
   exclusions ["Especificada como primária (A15.7)"],
   seq: 177

"Pure" Category type record:

 { code: "T64", 
   lang: "en",
   level: "cat",
   title: "Toxic effect of aflatoxin and other mycotoxin food contaminants"

Sample data

For development and testing, a very small subset of ICD-10 records will be selected including:

  • the first and last record of each chapter
  • the longest record (considering the number of attributes such as inclusions, exclusions, notes etc.)
  • all 6 records with two-column inclusion notes
  • at least one record with each of the following features:
    • notes with continuation (CNotes)
    • inclusion notes with one column
    • exclusion notes with one column
    • a star (*) mark on the cr_ast column
    • a cross (†) mark on the cr_ast column
    • chapter reference within a note
    • a code reference suffixed with a cross (†)
  • all records referenced from the records selected above


ICD-10 is copyrighted by the World Health Organization. See Application for a licence to use WHO classifications in a product for commercial and non-commercial distribution.

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