SNV(Todos os comandos)


  • add

Put files and directories under version control, scheduling them for addition to repository

  • blame

Output the content of specified files or URLs with revision and author information in-line

  • cat

Output the contents of the specified files or URLs

  • checkout co

Check out a working copy from a repository

  • cleanup

Recursively clean up the working copy, removing locks, resuming unfinished operations, etc

  • commit ci

Send changes from your working copy to the repository

  • copy cp

Duplicate something in working copy or repository, remembering history

  • delete del, remove, rm

Remove files and directories from version control

  • diff di

Display the differences between two revisions or paths

  • export

Create an unversioned copy of a tree

  • help ?, h

Describe the usage of this program or its subcommands

  • import

Display information about a local or remote item

  • Info

Print information about PATHs

  • list ls

Recursively commit a copy of PATH to URL

  • lock

Lock working copy paths or URLs in the repository, so thatno other user can commit changes to them

  • log

Show the log messages for a set of revision(s) and/or file(s)

  • merge

Apply the differences between two sources to a working copy path

  • mkdir

Create a new directory under version control

  • move mv, rename, ren

Move and/or rename something in working copy or repository

  • propdel pdel, pd

Remove a property from files, dirs, or revisions

  • propedit pedit, pe

Edit a property with an external editor

  • propget pget, pg

Print the value of a property on files, dirs, or revisions

  • proplist plist, pl

List all properties on files, dirs, or revisions

  • propset pset, ps

Set the value of a property on files, dirs, or revisions

  • resolved

Remove 'conflicted' state on working copy files or directories

  • revert

Restore pristine working copy file undo most local edits

  • status stat, st

Print the status of working copy files and directories

  • switch sw

Update the working copy to a different URL

  • unlock

Unlock working copy paths or URLs

  • update up

Bring changes from the repository into the working copy


  • author

Print the author

  • cat

Print the contents of a file

  • changed

Print the paths that were changed

  • date

print the datestamp

  • diff

print GNU-style diffs of changed files and properties

  • dirs-changed

Print the directories that were themselves changed (property edits) or whose file children were changed.

  • history

Print information about the history of a path in the repository(or the root directory if no path is supplied).

  • Info

Print the author, datestamp, log message size, and log message

  • log

Print the log message

  • Tree

Print the tree, starting at PATH_IN_REPOS (if supplied, at the root of the tree otherwise) optionally showing node revision ids

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